Dublin scores on Club Sambo index

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Dublin is one of the cheapest cities in which to buy that global hotel menu classic, the club sandwich, according to an index released today.

The Club Sandwich Index shows an €18 difference between the average price in the most expensive city – Paris – and Delhi, which is the cheapest

Dublin’s average price of just under €12 (€11.82) for the double-deckered chicken and bacon sandwich makes it 7th cheapest of 26 popular tourist destinations surveyed. Dublin was cheaper than all European cities on the list including Berlin, London, Milan, Rome and Madrid.

Cost of the three-sliced delicacy in Dublin was less than half the price of the most expensive average price for a sandwich in Paris at €25.13.

Prices in Paris ranged from an exorbitant €40.10 for a club sandwich in a five-star hotel to €16.45 in a three-star hotel.

The cheapest average club sandwich price in the survey was €7.27 in Delhi, India.

The survey was conducted by taking the average of real prices paid by guests for the club sandwich in 30 hotels of each country measured.

The index was developed by travel company to give tourists an idea of the costs associated with their destination by measuring the common hotel menu item.

Holidaymakers did not always factor everyday costs like food or drink into their decision-making process, Alison Couper of said.

The index was “the perfect way for holidaymakers to assess a destination’s real cost,” she said.

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