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How to Develop the Perfect Online Menu

Online ordering and delivery has become the new solution for an ‘eating out’ experience and this is showing no sign of slowing down. 43% of consumers say they will continue with their increased frequency of delivery.1

Therefore, In order to thrive in this digital landscape, it has become essential for foodservice outlets to adapt. Delivery and online ordering provide operators with a great opportunity to widen their customer base and generate new sales.

Develop a successful online menu made up of product solutions that delivers on taste, practicality and consistency

It’s important to consider that you can’t simply take your regular menu and put it online; you will need to adapt it. Make sure all your menu offerings are suited to delivery. Some of the products you may currently be offering on your full menu might not travel very well, resulting in a poor eating experience at home. Customers expect their meal to hold the same standard as what they experience in restaurant, regardless of whether they are dining in or getting delivered to their home. To uphold these expectations, it is important to source well-rounded, delivery-friendly products that hold their desired taste, texture and appearance once delivered.

Ensure your delivery menu consists of options that lend themselves well to fast preparation, making it easy to get orders out on time. Your customers expect their deliveries to be prompt, therefore your kitchen must be able to prep and cook your delivery menu offerings fast.

It’s also important to narrow products down to not only the ones which work operationally well in the kitchen, but they also need to have customer appeal. Identify your customer favourites or the dishes you do best and test to ensure they will work for your delivery menu.


Source 1: CGA Business Confidence Q2 2020

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