3 Characteristics of the perfect burger patty

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We know a thing or two about burgers, we’ve been making them for over 50 years! We understand the hard work, experience and the craft that goes into making a truly great burger. Our burgers deliver the best experience to your customers every time, with the quality, consistency and care that comes from a Kepak burger. Here’s our top 3 characteristics of the perfect patty…

1. Full of flavour

The burger flavour is determined by a number of factors; Meat to Fat Content Ratio has a direct impact on the cooking and the taste of the burger with a higher fat content adding to the juiciness of the burger. Some Breeds of cattle have a better marbling ability resulting in tender and more flavoursome cuts of meat. Meat Content and Seasoning can depend on the taste preference and skillset of your business, a pre-seasoned burger delivers a consistent taste profile every time, alternatively, a highely-skilled outlet may choose a high meat content burger and season based on their own specifications.

2. Eating Experience

When it comes to burgers one size doesn’t fit all! As well as having differing flavour potentials, burgers are also incredibly versatile in texture and appearance. Creating the right burger
taste and texture is important for the customers overall eating experience. Features such as the grind, fill system, texture and shape can all have an impact on visual appeal and mouth feel when eating a burger. The Patty to Bun Ratio can alter the customer’s perception of the burger and therefore operators should ensure they are paring their burger with the right size bun.

3. Provenance

79% of consumers believe that grass-fed beef is higher quality and like to know where their meat has come from7. Informing consumers about the traceability of the meat in their burger helps build trust and loyalty; add a note to your menu with the origin of the meat or use the unique burger claims to communicate provenance. This will engage customers and create loyalty leading to repeat visits and encourages word of mouth recommendations.


The perfect patty can differ according to your channel and business so we have a wide range of burgers to cater to every sector. Get in touch with us today so we can work with you to find the perfect burger to suit your business, or read more about it here.

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