5 Christmas Burgers to Help Festivise Your Food Menu

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Some things are season specific; Pimms in summer and mince pies at Christmas are combinations that simply don’t sit right outside their seasonal accompaniment. Burgers, however, have no such time restrictions and remain a firm favourite all year round.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t ‘festivise’ your burger range and bring out a little Christmas cheer with your burger and beer! Customising burgers ensures a great profit opportunity. Read our blog on personalisation to see how and why this is such a great opportunity for operators.

Turkey & Cranberry Burger

A classic combination that screams ‘Merry Christmas’. Many retailers use these simple additions to sandwiches and wraps to sprinkle some festive joy into their usual offerings – why not do the same with your burgers? No need to look further than the ever popular Christmas sandwich on sale at Prett A Manger and the anticipation it elicits to see just how valuable these adaptations can be.

Chicken & Stuffing Burger

This stocky combination is ideal for red meat lovers who want to see a Christmas dinner sat between two buns. Help customers enjoy their favourite lunchtime burger with a splash of the nation’s best-loved holiday.

Bacon & Camembert Burger

Crispy bacon and melted Camembert scream festive feast without representing an enormous deviation from your usual ingredients list. There are few who can resist the smell of crispy, sizzling bacon and even fewer that will cope with the sight of an explosion of Camembert bursting forth from within the bun. Merry feasting Christmas!

Sausage Meat & Crispy Bacon Burger

What’s your favourite bit about Christmas? Seeing the family, some time off work, the prospect of a snow capped chimney with the gentle ringing of bells in the distance as a magical sleigh arrives ready to make all your wishes come true? Of course not, it’s pigs in blankets. Recreate this.

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