6 Top Tips To Help You Make The Most Of The Rugby Season

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With the rugby coming up, February is set to be a big month for outlets with plenty of customers heading into local pubs and bars with friends to watch matches. To help you make the most of the opportunity, Big Al’s has 6 top tips for serving up great profits.
Before the match
• Offer special food deals at specific times to entice customers in early and boost wet sales. Offering special ‘beer and burger’ deals before, during and after matches is a simple way to encourage sales. Promote the offers via POS and on social media to attract customers.

During the match
• When customers watch sports matches in pubs or bars, they’re looking for snacks which are easy to eat so they don’t cause too much distraction from the action on-screen. Handheld snacks like burgers present the ideal solution as they can also be eaten whilst standing up during busy times.

• Simplify your food offering during matches to make serving time quicker. A simple burger, for example, is a filling, stand-alone snack which can be prepared quickly and needs no accompaniment.

• Stock up on sharing snacks. A bucket or basket of chicken wings presents the ideal match snack and will generate very little washing up which is perfect for times of high footfall.

• Pre-cooked snacks are a great way to ensure you can cater for large crowds with consistent quality and no food safety worries. Big Al’s burgers and mesquite chicken wings, for example, are flame cooked for a delicious taste every time and can be microwaved to order from frozen, reducing waste.

After the match
• Prepare a tray of burgers ready to offer round to customers – the smell of a delicious burger will be difficult to resist!

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