7 Wonders of Summer – Use This 7 Summer Food Trends to Avoid Menu Fatigue

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It will have escaped nobody’s notice that summer is no longer a distant prospect on the horizon – it is very nearly upon us!

Menu fatigue is an easy pitfall that even the most seasoned of foodservice operators can fall foul of. Shaking up your menu keeps regular customers interested and keeps your food relevant for potential customers. The arrival of summer is a perfect excuse to shake things up, so we’ve compiled a list of seven trends to consider when revamping your offer.

Health, Health, Health

January notwithstanding, the arrival of summer is the time of the year that everybody familiarises themselves with their gym and their scales. Your menu will benefit from trading rice in for quinoa but don’t be afraid to keep meats on the menu, with high protein diets one of the most popular current health trends.

Lighter Bites

Winter stodge is out, with lighter days meaning lighter meals. But this doesn’t necessitate wholesale change; what was a fully loaded burger becomes a deconstructed one. In place of the chicken and chips, swap potatoes for a bed of salad and suddenly, you’ve got a lighter, summer menu with much of the same stock. Our Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets make the perfect addition to a leafy salad.

Barbecue Bonanzas

Few things scream summer quite like a barbeque. In fact, the two go so hand in hand that we’ve dedicated an entire blog to some of the finer details to consider when tapping into this market. Wings, burgers and sausages make the perfect barbeque, but it is the additional extras that will separate yours from the amateurs! Check our tips on the perfect barbeque for some extra pointers.


Whether looking to save money or calories, summer is the season to share. Offer customers platters that can be enjoyed by two or more; chicken wings and other handheld food combine perfectly for the ultimate sharing offer.


This has proved by far the trendiest day part for social eating and drinking on a weekend. Friends, couples, mums; it’s an occasion that appeals to a wide-ranging demographic, especially with the arrival of summer. Prosecco, bellinis and bloody marys are all popular drink choices, while food can encompass anything from poached egg to steak fries. Find an offer that suits your customer base and prepare for a busy, social summer.


It speaks for itself, but making the most of whatever outdoor space you have will open your venue up as a summer hotspot (no pun intended!). We’ve provided six considerations for summer-proofing your menu, this seventh factor will ensure you provide the theatre that summer dining deserves. It’s one thing to provide the right food, but offering the idyllic setting to enjoy it will entice new customers and drive word of mouth recommendations.



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