Big Al’s to Fuel Footie Fans

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There are some exciting football matches on the horizon, which present the ideal opportunity to score with your sales!Big Al's

Offering easy-to-prepare, satisfying bar snacks during key football matches is the ideal way to maximise the length of time that customers will stay in a pub or bar.

“The key to maximising food sales during football matches is stocking filling, quick-to-prepare snacks which can be eaten easily whilst standing up in a crowded area, such as burgers,” says Kepak Foodservice’s National Account Manager Ed Robinson.

“Big Al’s Foodservice’s pre-cooked beef burgers are the perfect example. Requiring only a freezer and a microwave to store and prepare, the burgers deliver a genuine flame cooked taste as they are cooked over an open flame.”

Big Al’s burgers present the ideal solution for times when quick, extra food sales are needed. The products are frozen, which reduces waste, and they can be microwaved from frozen in under two minutes, meaning hungry customers are not kept waiting for long.

Customers can be assured of quality when choosing Big Al’s. All products are made with the finest quality meat that can be traced back to the farm of origin. Plus, the company has excellent production credentials:

Top football match tips

Simplify your food offering during matches to make serving time quicker. A simple burger, for example, is an ideal stand-alone snack which can be prepared quickly and needs no accompaniment.
Offer customers the chance to pre-order burgers or other snacks for half-time. This simple step will increase the quantity of food sold and enable you to serve snacks quickly during the half time rush, leading to increased customer satisfaction.
Offering the same pre-order option for full-time will generate additional wet sales, as customers are more likely to remain in the pub for longer after the match finishes.
Create beer and burger offers – the perfect football combination.
Offering pre-cooked snacks such as Big Al’s burgers offer peace of mind when preparing and a consistent taste, as well as a healthy profit margin.

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