Boost Barbeque Profits with Big Al’s

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Serving an alternative barbeque menu is the ideal way to liven up your food offering and bring new customers flocking to your pub or Big Al's BBQrestaurant.

“While many dishes from your indoor menu may work just as well outside, serving a menu that is tailored to the outdoor occasion will add variety and have great appeal for consumers wishing to enjoy the novelty of dining al fresco,” says UK Foodservice Manager Ed Robinson.

“Barbeque-friendly food is the perfect example. Big Al’s Foodservice’s burgers provide a simple, worry-free way to offer barbeque food to customers whatever the weather. They can be cooked on a barbeque outdoors and served directly to customers – or, as they are pre-cooked over an open flame, they can also be cooked indoors by venues which don’t have the space for a barbeque and served to customers outdoors to deliver a flame-cooked, summer taste.”

Serving burgers outdoors presents a simple, profit-boosting way to satisfy hungry customers and keep them at your establishment for longer.

“As the evenings get warmer, people like to enjoy outdoor occasions more and many will be seeking a food option that’s quick, tasty and filling,” says Ed. “Barbeque-friendly food such as the Big Al’s range, which can be reheated from frozen in just a few minutes presents the ideal solution.”

Adding chicken wings to your barbeque menu offers another way to boost profits.

“Chicken wings are a great option for al fresco dining,” says Ed.

“A bucket, basket or platter of chicken wings presents the ideal sharing snack for customers to enjoy while they sit outside in the sunshine.”

Big Al’s chicken wings are frozen, which reduces waste, and as they are pre-cooked any food safety worries are removed. The range only requires a freezer and a microwave or combi oven to store and prepare and can be cooked from frozen to order in just a few minutes, making them ideal for outlets with limited time, staff and equipment.

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