Is Your Food Business Christmas Ready?

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Check Out This Simple 5 Point Christmas Checklist

Whether it is friends out for one last ‘hurrah’ before the family obligations take over or a crowd of enthusiastic colleagues celebrating their Christmas work do, the build-up to the big event can be as hectic as the day itself.

These all represent fantastic opportunities for pubs and restaurants to capitalise on, but only if you’re prepared! Here’s our Christmas checklist to make sure you have everything in place.

1. Décor

You know the drill; Christmas tree in the corner, fairy lights outside and some mistletoe can go a long way. This is where it is important to know your clientele, though. Too many flashing lights, inflatable snowmen and bright tinsel can come across as tacky and off-putting. Stick to golds and silvers, less can very much be more and a simplistic, traditional colour scheme encourages festive spirit without cheapening the service on offer.

2. Social Media

The only things people love more than Christmas is talking about Christmas. December is one of the easiest times to drum up engagement across your social channels; so many visual experiences to post, offers to suggest and questions to ask. Check out our 12 Posts of Christmas blog for some ideas on making the most of social media over Christmas.

3. Menus

‘The diet starts Monday’ quickly become ‘the diet starts in January’ during the festive period. You can make the most of an indulgent customer base by appealing to their often supressed taste buds. Use words such as “indulgent” and “treat” when advertising options that would not necessarily be on the beach-body-ready menu. It’s the one time a year you’ll definitely get away with it!

4. Staffing

The British may be famous for its queuing, but that doesn’t mean they’re happy to wait for food. Make sure you have enough staff in place to cover big crowds through December, especially over the weekend. The best form of advertising is word of mouth and customers will wax lyrical about your great service when they feel they’ve been properly looked after. The knock on effect is a happier team, whose enthusiasm will rub off on customers.

5. Celebrations

For all its branding, John Lewis adverts and silly jumpers, Christmas is, at the end of the day, a celebration. Christmas parties will see flocks of university sports teams, work colleagues and other social groups come together, and they’ll need a venue to do it. Your food offer should match all needs; sharing platters appeal to groups while other will be looking for a heartier meal. Get your offer decided as soon as you can and start spreading the word.

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