Trending: What’s New for 2017?

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Trending: What’s new for 2017?

Every year the foodservice industry gazes into its crystal ball, looking to predict the trends that will tantalise our taste buds over the next 12months.

2016 saw everything from smoothie bowls, to extreme BBQ flavours and freak shakes dominate the food industry out of home, but just what will be served up in 2017 and how can Big Al’s help you tap into these dining trends?


Charcoal Components

A prominent food trend expected to grow in 2017 is the way in which flavour can be manipulated as a result of the way it is cooked and prepared. Cooking on charcoal, flames and wood to give dishes a unique smoky edge is expected to be a big hitting flavour trend this year.

At Big Al’s, we are ahead of the times. Our Chargrilled Chicken Mini Fillets are grilled over charcoal to give them a delicious flavour. Similarly, Big Al’s Beef Burgers, Mesquite Buffalo Chicken Wings and BBQ Pork Ribsteak are all flame cooked and our Gourmet Hot Dogs are wood smoked – meaning you can tap into this trend without having to invest in smoking and BBQ equipment, or prepare marinades or rubs.


Spice Selection

Arriba arribia – Mexican food is expected to be a big global food trend in 2017, and taking a twist on street-food style dishes can help take your menus to the next level.

Big Al’s Gourmet Chilli Philly Beef is made with succulent steak pieces and can be loaded into tacos, served on a bed of rice or even used as a topper on cheesy nachos to bring the fiery tastes of Mexico to your menu.


Creative Condiments

Interesting sauces and condiments are expected to further elevate the trend of customers wanting ‘my food, my way’ this year. Personalisation = profit, so by adding a range of exciting sauces and toppings to your menus ‘optional extras’ can help boost food sales.

We love the sound of beetroot salsa and bacon onion balsamic jam – spread these onto Big Al’s Flame Cooked Beef Burgers to create endless burger options.


Morphing Menus

Out with the old 3-set meal times and in with the new ‘flexi-diners’. As lifestyles get busier, people are choosing when they want to eat as opposed to sticking to the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner routine. The snacking food market has skyrocketed, and adding easy to eat, on-the-go options to your menu will help attract custom across all day-parts.

Big Al’s authentic, hand-twisted Italian Pizza Twists are presented in their own ready to use packaging sleeves. This on-trend, 175g snacks are ready from frozen in just 60 seconds when prepared in a microwave oven and can hold their heat for 45 minutes, making them an ideal freedom snack within the out-of-home sector.

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