Just Eat pinpoints Technology Developments

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Just Eat pinpoints technology developments as it makes more than 88 million takeaway deliveries in 2016:

Just Eat, the global marketplace for online food delivery, delivered 88.1 million takeaway orders in 2016, the year in which the UK market passed the £6bn mark for the first time. Following the announcement of its full-year results for 2016, the company said technology developments had “made food discovery more exciting”.

Last year, the company delivered the world’s first takeaway by self-driving robot and became the first five-star-rated iOS food delivery app. The company said it would “continue to push boundaries in 2017”, a year that kicked-off with a record-breaking New Year’s Day, with “40 orders a second at peak times”. Just Eat grew the number of restaurants on its UK platform in 2016 to 27,600. The company said desserts and breakfast dishes were its fastest-growing categories in the UK. Italian food remained the nation’s favourite choice for Just Eat deliveries, with Chinese food second and Indian cuisine third.

Just Eat said it processed an average 4.3 orders per second globally in 2016, while global revenues grew by 52% to £376m and profits almost doubled to £115m. Just Eat UK managing director Graham Corfield said: “Brits embraced online food delivery in 2016, ordering a greater breadth of cuisines and on more occasions throughout the week. Technology developments have made food discovery more exciting. In 2016, we delivered the world’s first takeaway by a self-driving robot and Just Eat became the first five-star-rated iOS food delivery app.

Thanks to collaborations with leaders in social media, augmented reality, gaming and virtual reality, consumers will see us continue to push boundaries in 2017. In 2016 we took an important step forward in our journey to create the world’s greatest food community. We used our scale to deliver more cuisine choices to more customers. We delivered more orders than ever before to our restaurants, an average of 3,000 per restaurant, and kicked off 2017 with a record-breaking New Year’s Day, which saw 40 orders a second at peak times.”

In what is a competitive UK market, Just Eat is now the largest player but despite its dominant position there is still plenty of growth to go. With plenty of competition out there like GrubHub and HungryHouse all out to take market share from the company, the question is whether restaurants will switch to the competition. What can Just Eat do to retain their customers and market share in the future?

Source: Propel Newsletter

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