Using Menu Leaflets To Promote Your Restaurant

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Menu leaflets are a great way to publicize your business and reach many potential customers at once, thus they can have a big impact on sales and increase your customer base.


Key Benefits of Menu Leaflets for Your Food Business

• Cost-effective way of marketing your store
• Targeted marketing to the neighbouring area
• Quick results
• Grabs the attention of many members in one household
• Informative


But what about Leaflet Design?

Leaflet design needs to be informative and eye-catching. Using brief text, attractive font, appropriate color choice, striking imagery, and an easy-to-follow layout is best practice. Menu leaflets must be consistent with the rest of your marketing; they should be similar in design, color, font and logo. Below are some design decisions which need to be considered: Word of Mouth: Provide good food, good service, value for money and treat both employees and customers well to help grow your sales by becoming known as a trustworthy business.


1. Appeal to your customers

Make sure your choice of colour, imagery and copy style will appeal to your target customers. Use colors that attract and complement each other.

2. Strong images

Pictures are a fantastic way to reinforce your message and they should display exactly what products you want to sell most. Big strong images to get your customers salivating are more important than multiple, smaller images.

3. Ease of Reading

Your leaflet needs to be easy to read and find specific items. Use short headings, short sentences, and a font that is easy to read.

4. Menu Prices

Mix the order of more and less expensive dishes in your restaurant menu to help reduce customers selecting by price.

5. Offers Included

Adding offers or vouchers on your leaflet will tend to make your audience hold on to your leaflet for longer.

6.Ensuring a call to action

Be sure to include your contact details clearly: phone number, email address, website address, business address and opening times.

7. Tell a story

Consumers enjoy and respect stories about authenticity, family, and tradition on the early beginnings of a food business. This can help make your store stand out in the consumers mind.

8. Additional Information

Inform your costumers about any extra services your business provides like catering events, throwing birthday parties, delivery services etc. The menu should also include a reference to its Facebook page if one is in place.


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