5 Way to Attract More Lunchtime Customers

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Thinking about how to increase your lunchtime profits?


It’s not just ladies who lunch…lunchtime is big business, or it could be for your outlet. However there is high competition between outlets for those catering for the eat-at-your-desk market and those looking to attract the popping- out-for-lunch crowd. What they eat is another consideration and it very much depends on where the consumers are eating. Midweek sandwiches are still the number one option. We also see sweet treats creeping into the menu. However, if it is pub or casual restaurants, the roast dinner features along with fish / burger and chips? At the weekend our choices do change when we are eating out with a preference for more hot substantial lunches. Make sure you consider the top frustrations for this part when thinking about how to menu and approach this daypart. Speed of service and expense are top of this list, while many are looking for value for money (35%), convenient location at (32%) and quality food (31%).


5 Way to Attract More Lunchtime Customers

1. The Power of the Lunch Special

The corporate worker quickly recognises that eating out every day of the week can add up to a hefty lunch bill.

Help your customer look past making their lunch at home by offering a lunch special at a discounted price.


2. Offer Delivery to Local Businesses

It’s an age-old practice for a team to order in lunch when a work meeting requires employees to stay during their lunch hour.

By offering delivery to local businesses, you’ll be able to easily accommodate customers in just these situations.


3. Maintain Quick Service by Increasing Staff


4. Introduce Healthier Menu Items

To attract the office crowd you need to introduce lighter menu options such as wraps.


5. Have a Grab & Go offering:

For those workers really under pressure consider having a prepared offering so there is no waiting time.


If this has got you thinking about your menu options?

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