Burger Presentation…The Key Burger Ingredient

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That ‘WOW’ moment when that burger arrives in front of your customer is crucial. Your burger needs to make an entrance, every time for every customer – consistently.

This is not only because it inspires food envy from your existing customers, but because it can also spark new customers interest. That ‘WOW’ moment encourages your customers to share their burger online with their peers and following on social media.


To encourage customers to share images of their burger builds online, why not include some kind of theatre to your burgers? Make your burgers the star of the show and ‘Instagrammable’ with additional items on the plate such as a steak knife or a skewer in the bun top to spruce it up. Also how are you delivering the burger? Consider plating up your burgers on a wooden board, a metal burger tray or slate plate. You can also sneak in your company’s logo with a branded paper tray liner or flag so the customer’s followers know where that amazing burger comes from. Every detail counts!


Burger patty’s and buns tend to be fairly neutral in colour and usually are traditionally brightened up with the supporting salad toppings and condiments. But now you can get a bit more creative without compromising on quality and without artificial flavours. Why not experiment with different coloured buns such as pink beetroot buns or squid ink black burger buns– both natural flavours and add the “wow” factor. Alternatively, you can incorporate bright colourful ingredients to your burger builds with more adventurous toppings such as a red pepper salsa or green guacamole! Colour doesn’t have to be restricted to the burger, sides can be a great visual addition such as orange sweet potato fries or a rainbow salad.

Burger Presentation is a key part of your customer’s experience if you’re looking for advice about it why not get in touch with us today? We can work with you to find the perfect burger and get your presentation just right for your business, contact us here.

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