TUCO’s Global Food & Beverage Trends Report 2017

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The University Caterers Organisation – TUCO – have launched the latest Global Food & Beverage Trends Report, in partnership with thefoodpeople. The report looks at the latest and upcoming trends within the market, with a particular focus on those relevant to the millennial demographic. At Big Al’s we like to keep an eye on the latest trends, as they are indicative of consumer desire and help us shape our product offering for operators. Explore the 12 overarching trends TUCO have identified and be inspired for the years to come:

1. Health For All 

Today’s consumers are very concentrated on their health and eating healthily and this is expected to be the case for the foreseeable future

2. Conscientious Consuming

Responsible sourcing of produce and choosing local foods is on the rise to ensure the food industry is kept accountable

3. Crafted & Curated

Consumers want to see the skill being put back into food – think craft and artisan serves

4. Just The Way You Want It 

Personalisation is key – consumers want to enjoy their food their way and ultimately “consumer is king”

5. Imbibing

Alcohol trends are not slowing down and mixologists and bar staff are going to be pushing creations to the limits in the next few years

6. Plant Perfection

Although the world is becoming more driven by technology and the digital sphere, there is a counter trend emerging which is focussing much more on the natural world

7. Having Fun

The millennial demographic works hard to balance life and diet so they can enjoy themselves and have fun when they want to

8. Experiential

Dining is no longer just about taste. Consumers are expecting food and the whole experience to stimulate all of the senses and give them a 360° adventure

9. Next Generation

Consumers have increasingly explorative tastes, however, they are also a sentimental group and are looking for modern tweaks on classics

10. Trending Tastes

Big and bold flavours will continue to dominate the foodie scene

11. The Importance Of Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the UK’s fastest growing day part and will continue to flourish

12. Global Larder

Diners are becoming much more multi-cultural and have very well-traveled taste buds

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