Why Digital Menuboards Can Boost Your Business

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The benefits of Menuboards for your food business are…

It helps increase your profits by highlighting more profitable items Improves speed of order process by having clear direction on board. ie: all beef burgers in one area. Increases key product awareness by 50% by highlighting high profit making items. ie: Special burger/kebab/specialty items. Improves customer satisfaction in your outlet by having clear, concise menu with images of products.


Absolutes of Menuboards


Optimise Navigation

The navigation of menu boards should be clear. E.g. left to right – keeping similar items together. i.e. beef burgers/chicken/fish Help your customers to find what you want to sell them. i.e. more profitable items
Analyse Menu Board Hardware: Does the hardware meet the needs of your outlet?  Does it look well? (Be Honest!) Front Lit Vs Back Lit? Digital? Counter menus?


Strive for Menu Design Excellence


Analyze Results and Continually Improve


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