Boost food sales with a takeaway option

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Licensed venues can boost profits from food sales by giving customers the option to order ‘takeaway burgers’.

The Big Al’s range of flame cooked burgers presents the ideal solution for outlets looking to offer something extra to customers and generate additional food sales.

The burgers are pre-cooked over an open flame, resulting in a great tasting high quality end product. They are frozen, which reduces waste and pre-cooked for a woBig Al's rry-free, consistent result every time. They require no special storage or preparation equipment – they can be heated quickly and easily in a fryer, oven, griddle, BBQ or microwave.

“Offering a takeaway burger option allows outlets to give a little bit extra to their customers, bringing them back to your venue time and time again” says UK Foodservice Manager Ed Robinson. “It can also boost wet sales – customers are likely to stay in the outlet for longer when they know they don’t need to prepare an evening meal or snack when they get home: they can simply enjoy a burger which has been prepared for them and tastes delicious.

“The Big Al’s range presents a simple solution when it comes to offering takeaway food. As they are frozen and cook quickly, they can simply be made to order when your customers are ready to head home.”

One example of a pub which has seen great success from offering takeaway burgers is The London Inn in Horrabridge, some 20 minutes from Plymouth, which offers the Big Al’s range as a meal option which can be eaten either on or off the premises.

The result has been a spectacular success. The burgers are served from semi-plastic containers with a variety of garnishes/accompaniments.

Robinson adds: “By supplying customers with the option of a delicious, satisfying burger to eat when they get home, outlets can generate incremental profits – so ensure you stock up!”

The Big Al’s range is backed by posters, menus and price cards enabling venues to set their own prices.


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