Gourmet hot dogs for the millennial market

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With hot dogs the people’s choice when it comes to on-the-go snacks, and consumers increasingly keen for individual eating experiences, operators are presented with a cost efficient opportunity for jumping on the hottest food trend.

All across the nation, foodservice providers are offering customers the choice to personalise their order; toppings for burgers, hot dogs, nachos and more.

There are a number of reasons for this. Insight shows that millennials value ‘experience’ above pretty much everything else when it comes to parting with their hard-earned cash. What this means for operators is that you need to provide them with something different, something the person in front and behind them in the queue won’t also be eating. Giving them a chance to personalise their order to make it more of an indulgence, a more premium option or just something a bit quirky.  Extra cheese and relishes satisfy the first option, while pulled pork adds premium to any on-the-go offer.

Social media has become another main driver in the food and drink market. Operators are increasingly looking to make their food more social media-friendly and an American restaurant chain has even spent millions making its food offer more instagrammable. Offering customisable orders adds authenticity to a dish, which customers will share on their social channels. Menu options like hot dogs allow you to offer tailored, interesting options for customers making them more likely to find their way onto a Snapchat story or Twitter feed.

Our hot dog range is quick and convenient, cooking easily from frozen to reduce preparation time and wastage. These are easily customisable for operators looking to tap into the hot dog trend and we even have the toppings covered, with our pulled pork sure to go down a hit with you customers.

Tap into the busy millennial market with this classic that’s suitable on-the-go as well as for those with time to spare sitting down. Get them snapping and sharing their food to ensure your offer is carried far and wide across the digital spectrum to make a social media splash with your new, personalised menu!

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