McDonald’s Newest Offering – Order and Pay App

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Ever-evolving and adaptive technology is driving and transforming businesses globally every day. Businesses that want to thrive in this customer app engaging platform are in a constant race to adapt and take advantage of these new technologies. McDonald’s is growing and adapting to the needs of their customers by launching its long awaited mobile order-and-pay app for smartphone users and have revealed that technology is adding between 4% and 8% to sales at each site. McDonald’s is planning on having ordering kiosks in 2,500 locations across the US by the end of the year and hopes that this technology will drive sales.

Mobile payment solutions are flooding the market; the trend is toward making payments as easy as a click of a smartphone button for customers. The app is to be unveiled in 2017 in the US and across several international markets, including Canada, Australia, France and the UK. The payment app is expected to reach customers at up to 25,000 McDonald’s restaurants worldwide by 2018.

McDonald’s has lagged behind other chains in terms of keeping up with technology needs and developing its mobile options. But it seems that they now want to tap into new technologies and future mobile and pay upgrades. McDonald’s has stated that the app could speed drive-thru service by reducing ordering times for a certain percentage of customer making the service more efficient, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Restaurant technology is evolving, and businesses hoping to compete will have to start offering customers conveniences, and the order and pay app is a great start. The benefit of new technologies will only better customer experiences, leading to better customer retention.


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