Reaching out to your Local Community

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Your local community is your main source of business, so getting involved with local organizations like charities, businesses, and clubs will help boost your sales.


Here are some of our tips…


1. Sponsorship

Sponsoring the jerseys for a local sports club or hosting fundraisers for the local community can be a great way to get involved in the surrounding area, while also promoting your business. This displays your store’s goodwill to the community by supporting local teams and organizations


2. Communication

Word of Mouth: Provide good food, good service, value for money and treat both employees and customers well to help grow your sales by becoming known as a trustworthy business.
Communicate: Asking your customers for feedback is a great way to learn how to improve your services and increase customer satisfaction. You could do this through the use of a suggestions box or just by simply asking them.


3. Local News


4. Partnerships

Relationships with community partners build your credibility and your publicity. Select the ones that fit with or complement your brand image and values. Community schools and local sports teams are usually the best options however some local businesses can also be ideal. A strong partnership is a win-win for both parties. Consider providing discounted or free catering for sporting events and school parties. Support your partners’ fundraising and awareness campaigns by posting their signs at your restaurant and sponsoring their efforts. If your partner is another retail business, putting on a joint event or running a joint promotion is a novel way to generate excitement for both locations. Set up a referral program with movie theatres, and fitness clubs in which their guests qualify for a discount at your outlet. You’ll benefit from the repeated exposure to their customers, being seen as a vital part of the community, and the good-will feelings of being a local supporter. For example, Apache pizza has partnered with the drive-in cinema Movie Junction in Cork to increase the sales of both businesses

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