COVID19: Your top 3 delivery options

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All around the world, the outbreak of COVID19 has meant that entire industries are turning to online ordering and delivery. The food business is no different, our Industry partner, Flipdish are recording a delivery jump of 245% among their customers in Germany in the weeks since the crises began.

Closer to home, with takeaways being classified as an essential service, Irish restaurants and takeaways are under more pressure than ever to keep up with unprecedented demand. People who are socially isolating have little other opportunity to spend on discretionary income and this combined with the desire to #SupportLocal communities as well as have a restaurant-standard meal has made getting a takeaway incredibly popular.

With all this context, it’s up to food businesses to get online and start delivering. However, this brings its own set of challenges. The key thing to remember for anyone considering Delivery options is the minimum order value. This is a deciding factor which will help you figure out what will work for you. It’s important to set a minimum order value so you can ensure that all the deliveries can cover the cost of running this service to your business.  After that, getting online is easier than you think, we’ve got the perfect solution for you with Flipdish and you can even use your Food Alliance points! Check it out here.


Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s many pros and cons. Pros include out sourcing the risk, as obviously the delivery workers aren’t associated with your business (depending on how you structure the agreement), they’re dependable and you have a trouble shoot for any issues. Can be great for smaller businesses who don’t want to take on another person for payroll or the risks associated.

The cons include higher costs and depending on the size of your business you could be lower priority than bigger chains. If you’re thinking about going ahead with it, we do have an option to consider.


Delivery Tab works with restaurants to provide delivery infrastructure and riders for their operations. They have an operating fleet of around 400 contracted drivers and riders in Dublin and all the major cities. These are then effectively leased out to restaurants.

Delivery Tab works with Flipdish, so when you sign up with us through our Online Ordering services (for those of you on Food Alliance), as a Kepak customer you will get an expedited service with Delivery Tab! Even despite the demand for their service – It’s win win!

Worrying about delivery could be a thing of the past, leaving you more time to focus on your marketing and brand to fuel online ordering. If you need a little help, and want to get some expert advice, Check out our Marketing Support Package.



Like external delivery services, there are many pros and cons here too. It’s worth considering if you’re a larger most established business, perhaps with more than one outlet.

While it’s great on the long term once you’ve found dependable drivers, who are happy to provide great customer services that you specialize in. It’s also worth considering that there are high risks and expensive insurance as a result that you would be taking on. It can also be difficult in some economies and communities to find people who would be happy to do this work whilst also delivering a high standard of customer service. However, with the changing economic situation this may not be the case going forward.



With the #COVID19 situation, people have been doing everything they can to get online quickly. We’ve seen some truly innovative solutions while restaurant owners do their best to get delivering!


In March, one of our customers engaged two local taxi drivers to do their Delivery for them. The locals not only knew the local area very well but they had the right type of insurance and of course, are dependable as they don’t have a lot of business right now. The charged a 30€ retainer and let them keep the delivery charge. Ultimately, it was an innovative short-term solution to an urgent situation. If you’re looking to do delivery, then it’s worth considering the above options.

The Idea seems to have caught on across industries with Lynk Delivery launching their ‘Store to Door Deliveries’. They offer their solution via their app and website, for a wide range of customers who need a dependable option. It’s not only for Takeaways, but Solicitors, Dental Practices, Printers, Florists and more.

P.S. Don’t forget!

If you’re doing online orders and delivery, make sure you let people know what your safety protocols are, for example cashless delivery, contactless delivery, cleaning regularity, packaging etc. Social Media is the perfect place to reassure people, and we have some ideas on that for you that you can use today.


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