6 Tips To Make Your Leaflet Design More Attractive

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If you have a large number of competitors within your catchment area remember to make your menu different so it gets noticed more than the others.

1 – Keep it Simple

Make sure to organise your leaflet in a logical manner. Keep the language clear and simple – too much detail is more likely to put off instead of attracting customers. Most obviously have your name address and contact details prominent.

 2 – Highlight your signature dish

You might have a signature menu item – a special burger with the family secret sauce, or your hot wings that are unique to your restaurant. Whatever it is it can be the ‘champion’ product of the leaflet and given the focus that it deserves.

 3 – Be aware of dates

Give consideration to whether it’s worth your while to have summer or winter (LTOs) offers on the leaflet. Keep your prices up to date too so your customer doesn’t get any nasty surprises when they get they visit the business.

 4 – Integrate the design with your brand

A leaflet is small so make sure any picture you use is appealing and fits with the brand colours that you use in your other promotional material and even with your in-house decor. If you do include pictures take care and make sure they make your food look its best. Another alternative is to use illustrations – for example, the retro comic book style of Eddie Rockets.

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 5 – Proof read, proof read, proof read

Bad spelling and grammar makes your restaurant look unprofessional and raises unwanted questions about your business so make sure that you get multiple people to proof read your menu before you publish it.

 6 – Pick a Font with Care

The font you use on your leaflet needs to be easily legible and ideally co-ordinate with what you use for your branding and marketing content. The most hated font in typography is Comic Sans so it’s probably best to avoid it unless you want to drive away font-loving customers.

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