TUCO’s Global Food & Beverage Trends Report 2018

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The University Caterers Organisation – TUCO have launched its annual Global Food & Beverage Trends Report, in partnership with thefoodpeople. After undertaking extensive research, the report identifies upcoming trends to inspire the university market. The report focuses on Generation Z and Millennials as the key demographics for the basis of their research. Here at Big Al’s we believe it’s important to keep up with the latest news, research and trends within the market in order to understand consumer desire and help us tailor our product offerings for operators. Discover some of the key trends below:

1. Crafted & Curated
Everyday products are getting the artisan treatment as chefs take craft to new levels, in particular with ageing techniques.

2. Suit Yourself
Consumers are continuing to seek personalisation, engagement and fluidity from their interactions with food- outlets and tech are not disappointing Millennials and Generation Z. Big Al’s versatile products can enable you to tap into this and allow consumers to customise their dishes.

3. Having Fun
While young consumers care, they also want to be care-free and indulge – bringing to light the increasing interest in 90s nostalgia and goth food.

4. Kitchen Crossover
Innovative food and drink leads to boundaries being crossed and modern mash-ups making an appearance.

5. Trending Tastes
Bold flavours are continuing to dominate, with a hint of tropics. What interesting takes do you have on your menu to entice students?

6. High Brow, Low Brow
The lines between high end and everyday meals are becoming increasingly blurred with Michelin meeting street, and junk food getting posh.

7. Global Larder
Millennials and Gen Z are the most multicultural generation yet, getting more regional with their world fare interests.

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