Ultimate Black Angus Burger

A mouth-watering burger with the perfect combination of delicious Big Al's Black Angus beef, cracked black pepper and salt, combine this with Gouda cheese, fresh spinach and a delicious country relish

what you'll need

what to do

  1. Lightly toast the seeded bun.
  2. Layer on some mayo.
  3. Bed with spinach.
  4. Heat a hot plate to 200°C and place the Black Angus Burger on a hot plate. Cook for 3.5 minutes on one side, flip and cook for another 3.5 minutes and flip again to cook for 3 minutes. Cook for a total cook time of 12 minutes. Ensure 75°C temperature has been reached.
  5. Then add the gouda cheese.
  6. Top off with a spoonful of delicious country relish.


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